Retirement Planning

Consider This

We sit down with our clients and evaluate the important factors that influence an appropriate withdrawal rate—age, health, potential impact of inflation on your assets & cost of living, and likely variability of your investment returns. Additionally, your withdrawal rate decision should factor in any plans to leave a legacy to your heirs.

Consider these questions:

  • Are you ready to retire?
  • Have you sat with a professional to walk through the important data informing your decisions regarding your financial future?
  • Do you know what your AWR is?

If you answered no to any of these questions, contact our team today for help planning your future.

Your Withdrawal Rate Matters

You’ve worked hard your entire professional life, and it’s important to ensure your capital is as deep as your life is long. Retirees, and those hoping to retire one day, must accurately assess the amount they can reasonably withdraw from their personal savings and investment portfolio each year. We call this amount the Appropriate Withdrawal Rate (AWR). How much have you set aside now so you can enjoy a comfortable and happy retirement later?

This article does not proport to provide specific investment or tax advice for any individual. Please contact our team with questions.

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