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Be Creative in Financial Planning

 Financial Planning is both an art and a science... >

College...and How to Pay For It

Most of us understand the importance of higher education in our earning potential and quality of life potential. But the cost is rising and the risk of college debt is daunting. What can you do? Watch and see how we might be able to help... 


Professional Women 

Professional women have a lot to manage in their lives--and that should include their own personal finances. How can Alderfer Bergen help you do that? Click and watch...

The Battle for Your Wallet 

There is a war going on to separate you from your money...

Retirement Education 

76% of Baby Boomers say they haven't save enough to make it through retirement, and 40% say they haven't saved anything at all. Why does it matter? Watch...

Asset Allocation

Asset allocation is critical to building and protecting your nest egg. This video explains why it's important and how it works.