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Your Financial Checklist

This checklist is provided to help you gather all applicable data that is necessary to complete your financial analysis. Please be assured that all information will be held in the strictest confidence. All originals will be returned to you.

  • ☐ Most Recent Tax Return
  • ☐ Most Recent Investment Statement from each Investment Account
  • ☐ List of all CDs (Maturity Date, Interest Rate, and Institution) or copy of Bank Statement
  • ☐ Most Recent Statements from Mutual Funds and 401(k)s
  • ☐ Websites for Online Retirement and Investment Accounts
  • ☐ List of Common Stocks Held By You
  • ☐ List of all Government or Municipal Bonds Held By You
  • ☐ Statements from IRA and/or Pension Accounts Not Already Included Under Previous Items
  • ☐ Life Insurance Policies and Annuity Contracts
  • ☐ Updated Copy of Your Will
  • ☐ List of All Real Estate Owned, the Loan Amount, and Interest Rate of the Loan
  • ☐ Approximate Value of Your Automobiles and Loan Balances with Interest Rates
  • ☐ If you retired today, what after-tax income would you need to maintain your lifestyle?
  • ☐ What after-tax income would you or your spouse need if either of you passed away?
  • ☐ The Names, Addresses, and Phone Numbers of All Your Financial and Legal Advisors